Dying Light – New gameplay footage. Night time.

It’s almost as if in order to get the go ahead to make a parkour game in the vein of the much loved but much never bought Mirror’s Edge Polish developer Techland had to sell it with zombies. Which as we know everybody and their mum seems to want to throw into a game these days.

Honestly this game would probably be far more interesting without the hordes of undead, or maybe with raptors. Everything is improved with raptors.

Still, it’s refreshing to see something at least half original crop up and as far as this gameplay footage goes the atmosphere of the game seems spot on.

We’ve been lied to before with potential zombie games that can actually make you afraid. I’m looking at you Dead Island but when night hits in this video, shit hits your pants. I can imagine it’s that much, much more intense while actually playing.

During the daylight the infected wander around comatose, much like we see them in the classic Romero films. But when night hits everything goes all 28 days later and they become batshit fierce monsters who combined with the sensory deprivation the dark creates become a real threat.

Night time survival mechanics can work well in even the most cartoon like games, Minecraft demonstrates that as does Pikmin, so in something with a genuinely creepy atmosphere and a real focus on survival something unique could really be created. Fear is born in the unknown and the darkness is the earliest unknown we learn to fear.

A focus on hand to hand combat is equally great as it keeps the zombies deadly and the movement looks wonderfully free-form capturing everything we loved about mirror’s edge.

This is exciting stuff. I hope you enjoy the video and I hope Dying Light wont disappoint.


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