Best game of 2013-GTA V

GTA-V-21It’s a generic answer to this question. I wish I could answer with some slick indie title coded in a bedroom that only 3 people have heard of . Hell I wish I could name any PC game. Instead I’m picking the game I’ve had the most fun with this year and that after a long slump managed to get me passionate about gaming again.

The simple reason for this is that it’s evident Rockstar have put a huge amount of time, effort and polish into the game. They haven’t sold out and released a slew of copy and paste sequels such as certain game series beginning with Call and ending with Duty. Despite it being the fifth iteration of the series the format hasn’t grown stale  and if anything is still being injected with innovation as we see from the three protagonists in the game that form the basis for the narrative as well as mechanics. It’s also a game that seems to care about letting the player enjoy themselves, it doesn’t force feed you its narrative and it’s not ashamed of being a video game infact it revels in it allowing you to cause broad ranging mayhem and destructing. While also throwing you tennis matches, street races, smuggling runs and stock brokering.  They’ve even thrown in an entire online mode that for many other developers could have been released as a game in of itself.

GTA V takes everything that makes the GTA series amazing, the huge open world to explore, the cast of weird and wonderful characters, the biting satire and the mayhem you can cause and cranks it up to the next level.  There’s the entire city of Los Santos to explore as well as the hick, deer and  wilderness of the counties. There’s a huge range of tanks, planes and automobiles to explore this expanse with, muscle cars, mini coopers, jet bikes and jet planes joining rocket launchers, sticky bombs and machine guns to create a cavalcade of chaos.   Even the missions in the form of the heists finally bring much needed decision and choice to the GTA narrative which has always felt oddly stiff in stark contrast to its nature as an open world game.  This not only makes it the best game of 2013 but the best GTA game of all time.

Taking a series of games that are seen as some of the best ever made and improving and innovating on them is no easy feat but one Rockstar have accomplished with aplomb. What’s inspiring about this is that the game sold like gore covered hotcakes. This sends a wonderful message to publishers that you’re allowed to let your develepors spend time and put effort into a game. That they don’t need to rush it to a deadline nor milk it for all its worth and you’ll be rewarded for the effort.

If you want to check out my more indepth look at GTA V click here.


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