Why you should not buy a PS4 or Xbox One yet.


There’s shiny new technology out there all of a sudden and like a good consumer you just have to have the brand new thing right?

But honestly why?

A new console really needs a killer app to be able to sell it. The GameBoy had Tetris, the N64 had Mario 64 and even the 360 had the much underrated Condemned Criminal Origins.

The PS4 has Killzone Shadowfall which seems identical to every other Killzone game with a shinier graphics engine. As in a 6 hour generic campaign with a hit and miss multiplayer mode attached. It also has Knack? The new Mario that ‘aint that gonna’ be. Xbox One has Dead Rising 3 another zombie game and a sequel to boot because we didn’t have enough of either of those.

Sure you can play the likes of Battlefield 4 or Ass Creed 4 with marginally better graphics but is that worth the purchase of a new console? You’re probably better off buying an old gen console if you don’t already have one as the line-up of games is still going to be huge and they’re cheaper than ever now and still let you play mostly all the same games. Currently old gen console exclusives far out rival anything you can find on next gen. The Last of Us, GTA V, Halo 4 and Metro Last Light all find themselves on old gen consoles only.

While the price of the new consoles is reasonable enough they’re only going to get cheaper in the sales to come and with better deals to boot likely bundled with games you’ll actually want to play. People are already pining for an XboxOne without the Kinect attached so Microsoft can’t watch them masturbate and who knows it might be a possibility if you have some damn patience.

Remember the red rings of death that plagued the X-Box launch and well into its career? I’d heard accounts of people returning them multiple times and eventually just giving up. We’re already hearing plenty of reports of PS4 blue light of death errors. Sure you may be able to return it on warranty but that’s not exactly the most fun thing to do, especially for your kids on Christmas morning. Investing in any new technology is a risk and is it really worth that risk when there’s no real tangible benefits for owning the technology?

The Wii U suffered from many of these issues when it hit and it’s only now really picking itself up. We’ve had the release of Super Mario 3D world, Wind Waker HD and Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate to name a few. But the most interesting Nintendo game when it was released was probably still Skyward Sword on the regular old Wii. The price has been slashed as well to boot and early bugs such as freezing and long load times have been fixed.

The PC still exists as a platform and now more than ever is a great time to invest. Hardware is cheap . You can easily build a gaming PC at only a slightly higher budget than the current next gen consoles would cost you. There’s a huge selection of games you can choose from, at amazing quality and at a fraction of the price of console titles and that’s before you start looking into Steam sales. Multiplayer is fully integrated and entirely free in contrast to the consoles

I understand many of these arguments apply for the previous generation console launch but I’d have given the same advice then and it would have been right. Seriously, either wait a year for things to get better or buy yourself a sick gaming rig or even one of the old gen consoles to tide you by. It’s a much smarter investment.


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